Charlie Villanueva Unhappy with John Kuester

by April 02, 2010

Charlie V and Kuester is the latest player/coach feud in Detroit. It’s what the Pistons specialize in. The Detroit News has the report: “Rasheed Wallace and Flip Saunders had their issues. Last year, it was Richard Hamilton and Michael Curry. This time around, Charlie Villanueva and John Kuester aren’t clicking. Villanueva was in uniform, but did not play in Wednesday night’s 98-81 loss to Miami, as Kuester preferred to give rookies Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers more playing time. While it was known Summers and Daye would get more opportunities to play as the season winds down, Villanueva didn’t know it would be at his expense. ‘I found out yesterday through the (news)papers,’ Villanueva said after Thursday’s practice. ‘Nothing was (said) to me. He already made up his mind that he wasn’t going to play me. We would have been cool if he would have said, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’ Wednesday after the game, Villanueva said he and Kuester weren’t on the same page. Kuester disputed that notion. ‘We’re on the same page; I know what I expect out of him,’ Kuester said. ‘You have to be ready to play. It doesn’t matter if it’s Charlie or DaJuan Summers.”’