Chauncey Billups Expects to Be the Pistons’ Starting Point Guard

by July 17, 2013

Despite his self-confidence, Brandon Knight has some stiff competition going into next season in Detroit. Chauncey Billups says that he expects to become the starting point guard for the Pistons once again. Per ABC 12 and the Detroit News: “Talked to Chauncey one on one … He told me he expects to start at point guard for the Detroit Pistons […] ‘It was, for one, validation for me because I kept making All-Star teams and making teams better,’ said Billups, who has played for the Nuggets, Knicks and Clippers since leaving Detroit. ‘I didn’t want to see the Pistons suffer, but at the same time I wanted people to know why it was what it was.’ He spoke with an slight edge to reporters gathered at The Palace’s West Atrium, where he was initially greeted by cheers and applause from Palace employees and some season-ticket holders. […] ‘I think leadership is severely, severely undervalued, and I felt like that being undervalued led them to making the move they made and it cost them,’ Billups said. ‘I didn’t want to see it cost them like this as a lifetime Piston, but I do want people to know the impact I made on the franchise.’ The relationship between a very strong-willed player and a strong-willed general manager was more mentor-mentee than employee-superior, and he felt he was owed more by Pistons president Joe Dumars. A phone call started the process of healing. The two men wouldn’t have been sitting side by side Tuesday if the seeds of reconciliation had not been sewn. ‘I just needed to hear him apologize for how it went down, to kind of stand on it, and he did that,’ Billups said. ‘As a man, I can’t do anything but respect that. Because I had to know it was nothing personal, it was what he thought was a good business move. But we had a personal relationship. I forgave Joe for all of that and we moved forward. I’m great.’ […] The old man has begun reclaiming things that were previously synonymous with his name during his time in Detroit. Andre Drummond has already given up the number 1 to the Finals MVP, and quite easily, it should be noted, although the team had to get clearance from the league for the change because it was well past the initial deadline. But the other thing, that starting point guard spot, is what Billups is also expecting to again make his own come opening night. ‘That pride, competitiveness doesn’t go with age,’ said Billups, who’ll turn 37 years old before the season begins. ‘I feel like I’m gonna give us the best chance to win basketball games in the starting point guard role.'”