Chauncey Billups Initially Saw Clippers as Strange Fit

by December 24, 2011

After the Knicks waived Chauncey Billups, the veteran made it clear he wanted to sign with the Heat or Lakers. But the Clippers claimed Billups, and the next day, they traded for Chris Paul. Chauncey tells Yahoo! how he initially didn’t see it working with Chris Paul: “‘My whole thing was if they were pursuing C.P., why would they get in my way?’ Billups said. ‘When they got me, the C.P. trade was off. Then it was back on, off, back on and then, boom, they get C.P. It made me more like, Why would y’all get in my way if that is what you were trying to do?’ […] Don’t be surprised if Billups is handling the ball as much or more than Paul on offense – which would allow Paul to be a stronger scoring threat. Billups believes their backcourt partnership will get Paul some easy jump shots. […] ‘It’s all good,” Billups said. ‘I’m going to do what I always do: Make the situation better than when I got here.'”