Chauncey Billups on Kyrie Irving Trade Request: ‘I Don’t Get It’

by July 25, 2017
chauncey billups kyrie trade

Before he turned down the Cavaliers‘ GM position, Chauncey Billups spent time doing his “due diligence” on the organization.

So when he found out that Kyrie Irving had requested a trade, Billups told Altitude Sports 950 that he really wasn’t surprised (starting at 6:21):

“It didn’t really surprise me.


“As they were doing their due diligence on me, I was doing the same thing.


“I knew so much about the situation that the rest of the world doesn’t know.”

Billups was, however, confused as to why Kyrie would want to leave Cleveland.

As a player who prioritized winning above all else, Billups said he can’t imagine Kyrie being able to find a better situation (starting at 7:15):

“That would be alarming to me if I was a team looking to get him because if it’s all about winning—I mean, man, you got a chance to win every single year.


“And not only that, you’re getting everything you want. You’re getting the shots you want. You’re playing for a great coach who’s letting you go to work.


“The game’s on the line, they coming to you. You playing on [national] TV every week.


“To me, I don’t get it.”

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