Chauncey Billups Unhappy With Trade Rumors Involving Knicks

by December 05, 2011

Chauncey Billups knows that he’d become expendable should the Knicks and Hornets work out a trade involving Chris Paul, and he’s not thrilled with the idea. From the NY Times: “Chauncey Billups was yanked from his hometown and dropped into New York in February because of a superstar’s discontent. Now another superstar’s wanderlust could send him packing again. Ten months ago, it was Carmelo Anthony who spurred the relocation by forcing the Denver Nuggets into a blockbuster deal that sent Anthony and Billups to the Knicks. Now it is Chris Paul, the disenchanted New Orleans Hornets star, who is reportedly agitating for a trade to New York, at Billups’s expense. Although a deal is only a remote possibility, it would surely involve Billups, who plays the same position (point guard) and who is one of the Knicks’ few valued assets. ‘It wouldn’t make me happy,’ Billups said. ‘Because for me, at this juncture in my career, I just want to win.’ At 35, with six teams and five trades on his résumé, Billups is a certified authority on change, especially the unplanned kind. He is not the sort to overreact to frothy rumors. But he has understandable concerns.”