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I told you I had some eye poppers for you and here they go! Where shall I start? Ahhh yes, lets start with the brightest and work our way up to my favorite….

1st up is the Adidas F50 Bright neon green rain jacket and soccer jersey. I love soccer apparel its so damn comfortable and it makes me look way bigger than I really am!

2nd is this sick a$$ Puma Golf weekend bag, it’s very mature and designed for head turning purposes only. This bag is not meant for everyday use, I suggest you only break this out as a carry on for those trips overseas. You know, the trips where you don’t need luggage because your so fly your going to go shopping for clothes there – yeah, those trips. I must warn you, rocking this bag is very dangerous! While this bag is super fly it can be slightly feminine if worn in the wrong fashion, so when you wear this you have to have something that lets people know what team you play for, your masculinity has to be not only intact but sky high!

3rd is my personal favorite. The 35 pound LRG Gold Stud Jacket, its like Braveheart meets fashion week in NYC! This is truly for the young, fly and flashy. A once a year type of garment, red carpet at the Grammy’s, maybe you feel like stunting in Vegas, or hell you’re feeling your oats because its your birthday! Whatever the occasion just understand you cant rock this on a regular. Then again if I pay 2000 dollars for a jacket please believe I’m going to wear the damn thing in the Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall!