Checking in on the Karl/Melo Relationship

by March 25, 2009

According to both men, everything is coming up roses: ” Carmelo Anthony and George Karl have had their differences during an up-and-down four full seasons together. But both say this has been their best season together, despite an incident of insubordination March 1 when Anthony refused to come out of a game at Indiana. Karl suspended him for one game. ‘This season me and George haven’t had no beef or nothing, no going back and forth,’ Anthony said. ‘We’ve been on the same page, other than that one incident, where things were a miscommunication. But other than that, everything’s been cool.’ Karl agrees. ‘Even though sometimes some stuff is tough, it brings you to communicate better and work together and be together,” Karl said. “And the crazy thing that happened in Indianapolis, I think people who were around knew it was forgotten really quickly because it was such a surprise.'”