Checking the blogs

By Sam Rubenstein

Celtics 17 defines Pittsnogle. There’s another definition, but it’s too gross for me to link to. If you’re interested, go to urban dictionary on your own and look it up with the spelling “pittsnoggle.”

Golden State of Mind might have reason to worry about foul-happy Patrick O’Bryant.

Zack in furWell now… somebody lost weight! Zach Randolph! I got the heads up from Blazer thoughts, which also led me to this discovery: Anyone who thinks the Blazers might be in competition with the Knicks for worst NBA franchise, this should end the argument. You can get Portland Trailblazer season tickets for only $199. That’s cheaper than a beer and a pretzel at MSG. Advantage: Portland.

You know why John Salmons didn’t go to Toronto? Because of God. Maybe Iverson had a prayer of his own answered.

LeBron was on the Best Damn Sports Show in Vegas the other day. He says he saw the Blue Man Group perform and he’s been playing blackjack at the $25 table. Easy there Barkley.

Jason Terry’s new deal will pay him slightly less than Troy Murphy, Eddy Curry and Samuel Dalembert. You know, Dallas used to have this guy named Steve who played point guard and they didn’t want to pay him…

It’s summertime. How do I know this? Because Lakers Blog, the LA Times secret blog, is trying to decide how good or bad the Lakers players are at golf.

Let’s check in on the Sonics situation: today’s happy word is extortion.

An emotional post on the blog of the least emotional team. This is one of those wake-up calls that remind you, oh yeah it’s a real, live human being that is doing all this writing. Cheer up Matt! Things could be worse.

Uh… I have nothing else to add.