Chris Bosh Blames the Miami Heat’s System for Rebounding Problems

The Miami Heat are a poor rebounding team, a fact which has cost them games, and is creating frustration in the locker room. According to Chris Bosh, the one who gets blamed the most for the lack of boards, it has a lot to do with the team’s style of play. Per the Miami Herald: “Chris Bosh says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help improve the Heat’s rebounding numbers. Apparently, that includes coming off the bench. Speaking figuratively, more than anything, Bosh said he wouldn’t object to coming off the bench or just sitting to ‘learn some more’ if that would help the team. The Heat has been outrebounded by 39 in its past two losses and much of the blame has fallen on Bosh. This month, Bosh is averaging 5.8 rebounds per game. ‘Just saying how much invested into it I am,’ Bosh said, smiling sarcastically. ‘We want the best rebounders out there on the court and to say that I’m lacking on my job and it’s not me, if I’m not a good rebounder out there, if I’m not what this team needs, then maybe I need to sit and learn some more or maybe someone needs to play some more. That’s just a figure of speech.’ Bosh’s odd comments come one day after he suggested the Heat’s system should be changed to create more rebounding opportunities. ‘We get placed in a system and we try to play to the system to the best of our abilities,’ Bosh said after the Heat’s loss to Indiana. ‘Some days, it’s good. Some days, it’s bad. Most days it has been bad for us on the boards. I don’t think it’s about effort. We’re trying our best.’ Bosh said in Indianapolis that perhaps playing a more traditional lineup would help. ‘We played more conventional basketball the first year and last year,’ Bosh said. ‘This is different.’ Bosh didn’t back away from those comments on Wednesday in Portland. ‘I know I can rebound the basketball,’ Bosh said. ‘I know we all can. We need to be put in the best position to do that.'”