Chris Bosh Enjoying Newfound Celebrity Status

by July 20, 2010

Actually “enjoying” is too soft a word; Chris is friggin’ loving every second of it. ESPN reports: “I want my brand to be genuine and to let people know that I’m conscious and aware of it. I think sometimes guys try to do the whole global-branding thing and they really don’t understand it. I do understand it, and I try to be conscious of it and work on it in every city that I’m in. I don’t go around talking about it too much. I just represent it and let it come to me. It’s like a nickname. You can’t give yourself a nickname. You let the nickname come to you.’ As Bosh spoke, waiters brought over bottles of chilled ‘Ace Of Spades’ champagne and everyone at the table raised a toast to Bosh and his new life in Miami. Bosh, who has yet to find a house in Miami, said he’ll begin the process soon with his girlfriend and wants to find a place he can raise his family. Until then, he and Williams have had fun attending movie premieres, such as the one for ‘Inception,’ thanks to a personal invite by Leonardo DiCaprio after they met at a Lakers game. DiCaprio may soon be coming to one of Bosh’s premieres, as the newest Miami Heat is currently working on a documentary on how he, Wade and James came together in South Beach. ‘The documentary is coming along great,’ he said. ‘I filmed a lot of footage. I have over 80 hours of footage taped, and I’m just trying to find out a direction and style that I want to incorporate. I might make it into an hour special.’ Um, Chris, after the way the last one-hour special featuring a Miami Heat player went, I’m not so sure that’s a great idea. ‘Well, it could be a two-hour special. It might be a mini-series,’ he said. ‘It will have a 24/7 feel but I don’t know if it will be narrated or not narrated. It’s a bunch of ideas I’ve been playing with and I’ve been studying a lot and seeing what’s the best avenue to take it in.’ Interestingly enough, while the idea of James’ ‘The Decision’ came from a conversation with Jim Gray during the NBA Finals in Los Angeles, so did the idea of Bosh’ yet-to-be-named documentary. Bosh said he got the idea while talking to Entourage creator and executive producer Doug Ellin and Jerry Ferrera, who plays ‘Turtle’ on the show.”