Chris Bosh: ‘I Want to Be the Best Player in the NBA’

by December 22, 2011

Chris Bosh is this month’s subject in the always-amusing “What I’ve Learned” feature in Esquire, and the Miami Heat forward drops some pretty fantastic (mostly hilarous) quotes: “Spending is the easiest thing in life. You give me $100 million and I can spend it in twenty-four hours. You think I’m playing? I’m not playing. People can’t fathom it. But going broke is the easiest thing ever. Money requires a lot of attention … You might want to cut off some shorts and wear them with some boots and a cool shirt. That’s fashion, because it’s what you want to do. People can laugh at it, but you have to be like, ‘This is cool. I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Next thing you know, people will be saying, That is kind of cool, man … It’s not hard to imitate a used-car salesman if you grow up watching television in Dallas … I still have the element of surprise. They don’t expect me to do what I’m going to do next year … I want to be the best player in the NBA. Maybe not this year or the year after next, but one day…'”