Chris Bosh is Excited to Be on TV a Lot

by October 27, 2010

Bosh tell the Toronto Star that he’s ready for his national television close-up, though perhaps he might not have enjoyed the first go-around too much: “It wasn’t the colour of the money or the chill in the air or the curling on TV. It’s that he wants to be on TV. Once a legend of YouTube, Bosh said that after seven seasons in northland, he was ultimately disheartened by the Raptors’ scarce appearances on the U.S. tube. ‘Really, it’s all about being on TV at the end of the day,’ the five-time all-star said Tuesday. ‘Seriously. A guy can average 20 (points) and 10 (rebounds), and nobody really cares. If you don’t see it (on U.S. national TV), then it doesn’t really happen.’ … Indeed, if the Heat have their way — and Wade’s early October injury limited Miami’s Big Three to all of three minutes of pre-season court time together, so Tuesday was a true debut — their quest for another kind of ring will fill up Bosh’s schedule deep into June. At that point, the TV appearances will be global and frequent; if Bosh grabs a key rebound in a forest of NBA trees, he won’t be wondering if anybody saw it. ‘We know what’s going on. We know a lot of people are watching. We know a lot of people are putting us under the microscope. We knew it was going to be like that,’ Bosh said. ‘Dealing with it is another thing.'”