Chris Bosh: Miami’s Occasional, Reluctant Center

by March 28, 2011

Bosh, who has cried about not getting the ball in the post enough this season, is somewhat hesitant to play the center spot — irony alert! — despite his effectiveness down there. From the Palm Beach Post: “As much as I keep trying to run from the five,’ [Bosh] said, referring to the number associated with the position of center, “it keeps running back towards me.’ After the runs the Heat had with him in that spot Friday night, he may have no choice but to ’embrace’ the pivot, as he later promised he would. While he is a reluctant center – preferring to play power forward with a small forward style – he was by far the Heat’s most effective ‘five’ against Philadelphia. In the 30 minutes that starter Erick Dampier, Joel Anthony (whose peripheral vision was restricted by a mask he vowed never to wear again) and Jamaal Magloire (for just three minutes) split at center, the Heat was outscored by 22. In the 18 minutes that the 6-foot-11 Bosh played center, with either LeBron James or James Jones working as an undersized power forward, the Heat outscored the 76ers by 34 … ‘If I have to set screens and roll hard to the basket and hopefully get our shooters open, then I’ll do that,’ Bosh said. ‘That is no problem with me. Mentally, I’m stronger. Physically, I’m stronger. I’m more prepared for it this time around.'”