Chris Bosh Says He is Returning to the Post

by September 24, 2014

LeBron James is no longer around to take the absorb punishment in the paint, so it falls on Chris Bosh to do it.

Five shorts months ago, Bosh famously stated that he no longer wants to “bang” with anyone down low, but now as the Miami Heat’s go-to player, he has no other choice. Bosh says he’s embracing the challenge. Per the Sun-Sentinel:

“I had to play a role,” Bosh said Tuesday, speaking at an appearance at a Warren Henry Auto Group event in Kendall. “I had to play the role for the championships. I feel that I’m back to doing what comes naturally for me, which is being back in the post, being more aggressive. I’m really excited to show the city of Miami what I have.”


“They didn’t need me to do that [play in the post],” Bosh said. “(Dwyane Wade) and LeBron were our post guys. I kind of really used to those tools that I gained and put it all together.”


In [years] past, Bosh used the summers solely to improve shooting. This offseason was spent on refreshing his interior game. […] “It’s just like riding a bike,” Bosh said. “You never forget. I have a lot of experience, years and years. Even though I didn’t get much experience, I always worked on it because I knew I was going to keep it sharp.”