Chris Bosh to Raptors Fans: ‘Bring it On’

by February 16, 2011

Bosh is ready for the vitriol in Toronto tonight, and though he’d like to be welcomed in a friendly manner, he knows there’s no way that’ll happen. The Star reports: “Despite the disparate records of the two teams — the Heat are 40-15, the Raptors 15-40 — the atmosphere could be electric at the Air Canada Centre for what’s expected to be only the fourth sellout in 28 home games this season. According to the website, which tracks the sale of tickets for sporting events, the average resale price is topping $200 — about double the usual and higher than for any game this season. Fans — those who continue to boo Vince Carter more than six years after he left and Tracy McGrady almost a decade after his departure — are sure to be in full throat. ‘I’m ready as I’ll ever be,’ Bosh said. ‘We’ve experienced some times here from the crowds and pretty much it’s at every arena we play at. Guys are extra motivated, crowds are extra motivated, whether it be to talk crap or cheer a little louder, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Bring it on.’ Bosh continues to assert he has nothing but good feelings about the city and the team that gave him his start in the NBA and put him in a position to flourish. ‘I spent my first seven seasons there, tons of ups and downs, made a lot of relationships with friends and different people around the city,’ he said. ‘I had so much fun there, I don’t regret anything I ever did there. It’s like the mark of the beginning of my manhood, so to speak.'”