Chris Bosh’s Twitter Angering Raptors Fans, Media

Each time Chris updates his Twitter account, fans and reporters of the Raptors die a little on the inside. Here’s the latest from the Toronto Star: “Slowly but surely, Chris Bosh is giving Toronto the kiss-off, and causing a minor Twitterquake in the process. The Raptors’ all-star forward – at least, that’s his designation until July 1, when the NBA declares open season on players out of contract – changed his location from Toronto to “Everywhere” on his Twitter account, and removed a biography section that noted his status as Raptors captain. Meantime, his website was listed as down for maintenance on Tuesday morning. As for that appearance courtside at the Staples Centre on Tuesday night, as the Lakers and the Jazz met in an NBA playoff game, Bosh tweeted: ‘Sitting here watching the games wishing I was playing. I wonder if that MVP trophy is heavy?’ Could it be any plainer? Bosh is a technologically savvy fellow whose gift for self-promotion and attention-grabbing on the web has been as deliberate and well-orchestrated as his rise in basketball. Short of offering to wax Bryant’s Bentley with a balled-up Raptors jersey, it looks like a dead giveaway. The alterations immediately fired up a new round of Internet speculation, after Bosh posed a simple “Should I stay or should I go?” question via Twitter last week. That followed a ‘Where should I go next season and why?’ query that evidently wasn’t quite clear enough.”