Chris Kaman to Take Dirk Nowitzki Hunting With Him

by October 12, 2012

Chris Kaman loves to hunt more than just about anything else in the world. And despite his initial apprehension, Kaman’s new teammate Dirk Nowitzki has accepted an invitation to go shoot some animals. Per the Dallas Morning News: “In one respect, Kaman already has laid claim to the same role Tyson Chandler had during the championship season of 2010-11. In his year as the Mavericks’ center, Chandler became the glue in the locker room, holding teammates accountable for everything that happened on the court. Kaman is different, but he also enjoys laughing with his teammates, like Chandler did. And, he arrives to the Mavericks with a history of being injury-prone, just like Chandler. But his skills are obvious. So is his ability to keep a team loose. ‘There are serious times to be professional, and it’s very important to be professional during those times,’ Kaman said. ‘And there are other times on the bus or in the locker room after practice when you just try to have fun with the guys, because we do have a good group of guys here.’ […] Kaman also has taken a liking to Dirk Nowitzki, whom he invited on Kaman’s next hunting trip. Kaman is a devoted outdoorsman who enjoys shooting big things. ‘He said he’s going to go, but I think he was very reluctant at first,’ Kaman said of Nowitzki’s initiation into the outdoor life. ‘I don’t think he wanted to take my invitation, but he said if that’s what makes me happy, he’ll do it. So I’m going to keep him true to his word.'”