Chris Kaman’s Prepping For a Lockout

by October 24, 2010

Falling in line with Rajon Rondo and plenty of other players, Chris Kaman is preparing for a potential lockout. Via the L.A. Times: “‘There’s a lot of negotiations that are going on, and I don’t really know how it’s going to end up,’ the Clippers’ Chris Kaman said Thursday. ‘They’re saying lockout. You just never know. You’ve just got to be ready and prepare yourself for that, moneywise. I’ve been saving a lot — looking out.’ Stern’s comments came out when the Clippers were in the midst of an extremely long practice session, lasting nearly three hours. That was to be expected after a day off and a 1-7 exhibition season record. Even one of the players’ wives tweeted, annoyed, that practice was lasting so long. Of course there may not be any practices at this time next season if there is indeed a lockout. ‘I think it’s bad for the league when that happens, any league,’ Kaman said. ‘It hurts your product. I don’t think either side wants that. But I think the owners are a little frustrated, losing money the last few years. And I think the players aren’t going to back down.'”