Chris Paul: ‘I Personally Have to Play Better’

by May 18, 2012

The San Antonio Spurs delivered yet another beating to the LA Clippers, and Chris Paul (just one of the Clips’ gimpy players) says that he won’t make any excuses, and takes personal responsibility for his team’s 0-2 hole. From the LA Times: “Paul won’t talk about it, won’t admit it, while emphatically declaring, ‘no excuses.’ But he’s not the same player who changed the way folks regard the Clippers. His mind might be as sharp as ever, but eight turnovers — the most he’s ever been charged in his professional career — suggest his body is betraying his competitiveness. ‘My body is going to let me,’ insists Paul with emphasis. ‘My body is going to be just fine. We’re going to go into Game 3 ready to rock ‘n’ roll.’ Ever the wishful thinker he says the home-court advantage might make the difference, and I suppose the alignment of the moon and stars. ‘I’m just missing,’ he says. ‘I just have to play better. In order for us to make this a series, I personally have to play better.’ We agree, but it’s doubtful he will be able to recover sufficiently to do so. Throw in back-to-back assignments in Los Angeles this weekend and there will be no time for recovery. ‘If you can’t do it…,’ I say, and before finishing the question, Paul interrupts. ‘I’m good to go,’ he says. ‘I’m good to go. We’re going to get it right.’ Then he turns to his son and says, ‘Ain’t that right, Chris. Chris? We’re going to get it right? We don’t have any choice, do we, Chris?'”