Chris Paul: Only People Who Dislike Blake Griffin are Those He Dunks on

by April 11, 2012

Blake Griffin’s league-wide popularity has taken a bit of a hit this season – fans, media and opponents have complained about his constant whining to refs, pre and post-dunk antics, and general arrogance – but his teammate Chris Paul says, What’s not to love? Unless, of course, you have been the victim of a Blake Griffin slam. Per the Oklahoman: “At the suggestion that Griffin had turned to the dark side, Clippers point guard Chris Paul nearly choked on his post-practice energy bar. ‘What’s not to like about him?’ he said. ‘He’s fun. He’s funny. He laughs, jokes, smiles. He’s a great guy off the court.’ Hard to argue that. Griffin is one of the sharpest, wittiest guys around. He doesn’t always show it to the masses, but he has this dry humor that is fantastic. It was on display just the other day when he responded to recent criticism from DeMarcus Cousins. The Sacramento big man called Griffin an ‘actor.’ Griffin’s response? ‘I first heard about it from my acting coach; he sent me an email,’ he said. ‘He was obviously thrilled.’ […] ‘Shoot, everybody loves him,’ Paul said, getting fired up as he talked. ‘Shoot, don’t nobody love him more than my son. I don’t know nobody that don’t like Blake.’ He paused. ‘Except for the guys he dunks on.’”