Chris Paul on Playing With LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony: ‘Anything’s Possible’

LeBron James recently said that he’d be willing to accept a major paycut to play alongside his best buddies in the NBA, and according to Chris Paul, “anything’s possible.”

CP3 does not rule out the possibility of someday teaming up with Bron and Carmelo Anthony.

The Hall of Fame-bound point guard will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Per the Open Run podcast (via SI):

Paul was asked whether the Banana Boat crew would make it onto an NBA court playing together in any dream scenario.


“Anything’s possible,” Paul said. “Definitely, anything’s possible.”


“We’ll work out together and stuff like that sometimes,” he added. “The last time [we played together] was 2008, some time around the Olympics. D-Wade was coming off his injury. He hit us up and said, ‘I need to see what it’s like to play for real.’ We all met in Chicago. I’ll never forget that. We went to a gym in Chicago and we played pick-up with some other guys just to give him some of that real feel, what it was like. Then, I don’t know if you remember, at the 2008 Olympics, [Wade] went off. That’s what you do for your real friends and your real brothers.”

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