Chuck Hayes Hates LeBron’s Dancing, Too

James has already ticked off Joakim Noah, and now Chuck Hayes has voiced displeasure with LBJ’s dancing on the sidelines during blowouts: “Yeah (it was wrong), but if Joakim Noah and the Bulls have a problem with it, beat him, he won’t dance,’ Hayes said. ‘I notice that the Cavs, they do all their sideline acts in the game when they’re up big. When it’s a close game, they don’t do that. Make them respect you and they won’t do it. To showboat another professional, it’s disrespectful. If you feel disrespected, do something about it within the game, nothing dirty. Eventually, all the dancing and acting will stop. They only do it when they’re up big.’ Shane Battier, however, had another theory about why James danced. ‘Dancing With The Stars is quite the platform to launch a career,’ Battier said. ‘Maybe, he’s trying to launch a career. LeBron’s a smart businessman. I wouldn’t put anything past him.”’