Classic Bill Walton quotes

By Sam Rubenstein

Bill cartoonThis gets its own post. The Need4sheed is taking Bill Walton and his new cartoon to task. Now, I was once at the forefront of the hating on Walton movement. I hated everything about the man, from the irresponsible hyperbole to the hippe turned hardass routine to that terrrrrrible voice. The exagerations… the contradictions… the constant reverence for the greatest person ever born on this planet, who of course is coach Wooden. Slow it dowwwwn, big man.
The thing is, I miss Bill doing big NBA games. Hubie Brown and Mike Breen provide better information, which is usually factually correct, but they don’t have Bill’s personality. Me and a friend of mine have been doing Walton impressions for like 10 years now. It got so bad that we had to try and quit it, like smoking. But you can never really quit. You just have to know going in that he is not there to inform you, but to entertain. Laugh at him, not with him.
Go to the need4sheed and check out some of his legendary hyperbole.