Cleveland Cavs Roster Will Reportedly Undergo Upheaval Before Trade Deadline


Here’s a not-so-breaking news flash: The Cavs are a mess. Kyrie Irving’s future is in doubt, Luol Deng wants to see more fire, and the franchise’s GM (correctly) thinks the team is playing terrible. Which brings us to this report from the Beacon Journal, stating that barring an unexpected change in the squad’s play, some roster moves are going to be made before the trade deadline: 

The rumbles within the Cavaliers locker room have been growing louder for weeks. Players who initially didn’t want to talk about what is plaguing this team are beginning to open up, and most of the issues are pointing back to guards Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, along with an unhappiness with Mike Brown and his staff.

“He’s acting like he doesn’t care,” one Cavs player said of Irving.

[…] Most of the complaints are focused on Irving and Waiters. One league source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed Waiters was removed from practice recently, per the Daily News report. But Waiters’ minutes weren’t affected by the move, which left at least a handful of players raising their eyebrows — particularly within an organization that has preached accountability since Brown’s arrival.

Two sources close to the team confirmed that barring a significant turnaround before the trade deadline, this roster will likely face some upheaval. That very well could include Waiters, whose act has worn thin on his teammates and various members of the organization.