Clippers Confident They Will Re-Sign Chris Paul and Blake Griffin

by May 21, 2012

LA Clippers team owner Donald Sterling has already let it be known, in the creepiest way imaginable (as he is wont to do), that he plans to do whatever it takes to retain stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. The rest of the Clipper front-office has confidence that it will get done. From ESPN: “No sooner had the Los Angeles Clippers finished one of their most successful seasons Sunday night with a heartbreaking 102-99 loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the second round of the playoffs did the attention in Lob City turn to the future. Namely, how long Blake Griffin and Chris Paul will be a part of it. Griffin is eligible to sign an extension with the organization this summer or he could become a restricted free agent after next season, Paul’s is under contract only for one more year. The Clippers say they are confident they’ll be able to retain both players for a long time. ‘I feel those things are going to get done,’ Clippers president Andy Roeser said. ‘The important thing is that we have to do other things to improve the team. But I believe we’ll do those things and ultimately I believe those two players (Griffin and Paul) are going to play out their careers here.’ Griffin is eligible to sign a five-year extension on July 1 and the Clippers will absolutely offer it to him. When asked directly about his intentions, Griffin said he hadn’t thought about it just yet. ‘I haven’t given it one ounce of thought,’ Griffin said. ‘That’s been the furthest thing from my mind, honestly. I know that’s kind of the popular thing to say, but I haven’t thought about it. I’ll get to that when it comes.’ Paul wasn’t asked directly about his future intentions, but a source close to the situation said he has given the team indications he intends to stay long term.”