Clippers Hired a Free Throw Shooting Coach For Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

It’s no secret what the Clippers’ big men need work on—DeAndre Jordan shot 52.5 percent from the line in ’11-12, while Blake Griffin converted just 52.1 percent of his attempts from the stripe. So, naturally, the Clips are doing something about it. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, they hired a free throw shooting coach for the two. More details: “Jordan made 52.5 percent of his free throws last season, a poor number but still a career high. Jordan, entering his fifth season in the NBA, is an abysmal 44 percent shooter from the line for his career. Griffin sank only 52.1 percent from the line last season, down from 64.2 percent during his rookie season. Overall, he’s made 59.3 percent of his free throws, perhaps the only lackluster mark on an otherwise sparkling resume. The Clippers hired Bob Thate during the offseason as a shooting coach to work with Jordan and Griffin in an attempt to raise their free-throw percentages. Seventy percent would be excellent for any big man in the NBA, and 65 would be adequate. Jordan and Griffin each showed off a new shooting motion while they and their teammates shot free throw after free throw at the end of Saturday’s first practice.”