Clyde Frazier Compares Toney Douglas to Himself

Toney received the ultimate compliment from a living legend, who broke it down for the NY Post: “Clyde has enjoyed watching rookie Toney Douglas emerge as the team’s starting point guard over the past few weeks. Douglas’ defensive tenacity reminds Clyde of himself, and he has made a point to talk to Douglas during the team’s travels. ‘I think we’re similar players — he does things I used to do,’ Frazier said. ‘He’s not just a one-dimensional player. He can score and does an excellent job on defense getting in passing lanes, keeping guys outside of the paint, which is what you need. The defense starts with the guards. It’s crucial for the Knicks. He even rebounds, hangs around the free throw extended, getting rebounds.’ And Douglas has an intangible trait that few have possessed during the Knicks’ depressing nine-year stretch — and nobody possessed quite like Clyde. ‘He likes pressure,’ Frazier said. ‘When the game’s on the line, he wants the ball.”‘