Cold Pizza enters the 21st century

By Sam Rubenstein

J.E. Skeets of The Basketball Jones is officially famous. This isn’t as sophisticated as that Abby girl on CNN that interrupts Wolf Blitzer’s war coverage to show websites of the top 10 funniest tornado injuries of the day. It’s better than that. I think I get what the mainstream media is doing. After years of living in denial, the mainstream media is feeling the financial impact of people getting more of their information/entertainment from bloggers than from their own departments of misinformation and self-importance. They have tried to fight this by creating blogs of their own, which are just the usual columns written by career journalists, only with more frequency. Now, they have developed a new, more sinister plan. They will give credit to blogs and cover them as much as possible, until they become as played out as any other story in the mainstream media. So evil. SO EVIL!!! Respect.