Damian Lillard: Blazers Have To Start Playing ‘With Some Damn Heart’

The Blazers got embarrassed by the Golden State Warriors last night, losing by 45 points at Oracle. After the game, Damian Lillard voiced his frustrations with the underperforming Blazers and said that the team has to play with “some damn heart.”

From ESPN:

“Man, it’s OK to turn the ball over, it’s OK to make mistakes, but we have to play with some damn heart and compete out there,” he said of his teammates.

Portland has lost five of its last six and are statistically one of the worst defensive teams in the League. Lillard put the responsibility on the himself and the players instead of directing the blame at the coaching staff:

“This isn’t about what the coaches are doing, this is on us,” Lillard said to ESPN in retelling what he stated to his teammates. “We have to take responsibility for what’s going on. This sh*t is ridiculous. We’ve got the talent; we’ve just got to put it together consistently.”

PDX has a chance to get back on track with games against Sacramento and Dallas this week.

Damian Lillard: Portland Lacks a Mean Streak