Damian Lillard Wants to Be in the Three-Point Contest

Portland Trail Blazers second year point guard Damian Lillard wants to show off his pretty stroke during All-Star Weekend. Per CSNNW: “I’m more comfortable getting shots off now because of who I got playing alongside me,’ Lillard said. ‘Last year it was times where I had to rush shots, people were right in my face. Now I got Mo [Williams] in transition and my man starts to worry about being in help-side and what’s going on with everybody else. I’m just playing the game in a flow. Out of a timeouts, if one of my teammates goes off, teams may say ‘We can’t let [Nicolas] Batum get going. We got to stop Batum.’ Then we go to L.A. [LaMarcus Aldridge] who hits two fadeaways. They not even thinking about me at this point. I might come down in transition and L.A. runs the floor and they all run to the paint and I’ll stop and have an easy two. I’m just playing the game and taking what the defense is giving me. It’s helping me shoot a higher percentage.’ […] ‘Oh yeah, for sure,’ Lillard replied when asked if he’s interested in competing in the three-point contest in February. ‘I think I can shoot the ball very well. I think I’m one of the best shooters in the league. There are guys like Steph [Curry], Ray Allen who are better shooters than me, probably. But I can shoot the ball with anybody in the league.’ He continued: ‘I think I would be good at it. It’s like reps. It’s timing. When you’re a jump-shooter, you loose time and get fatigued real easily. I don’t really jump. A set-shot is a easy shot for me so it will be fun to do something like that.'”