Danilo Gallinari Says He Refused to Be Traded from Denver

by September 05, 2016

When approached by the Nuggets about relocating prior to last February’s trade deadline, Danilo Gallinari reports that he turned the opportunity down.

The Boston Celtics and LA Clippers were said to be interested in the 28-year-old’s services.

Gallo says he’s perfectly content in Denver, and thinks they’re primed for a successful season.

Per Denver Stiffs (via multiple European publications, and some rough translations):

On the market and the opportunity to return to Europe


“In Denver I am very well, there was a chance last year to go to some other team before the deadline in February, but I refused. If I return to Italy would be back to Olympia but with the intention of winning, I don’t like the idea of nostalgic revisiting.”


“I’ve been in the United States for eight years, this will be my ninth season in NBA, I consider myself fortunate to have realized the dream of all children who play basketball. Now my goal is to win something in Denver, I’ve played there for five years now and I love it. I am very well and I hope to win with the Nuggets. Although ‘Super Teams; are now fashionable such as Golden State and Cleveland, to win in Denver this season will be very difficult for everyone.”