Danny Ainge Worried About the Celtics’ Health

by March 18, 2011

Like everyone else in Beantown, Celtics GM Danny Ainge’s biggest concern as the regular season winds down, is the health (or lack thereof) of the team. The Boston Herald reports: “I think we’re going to be fine, but you always have concerns. I think guys are going to get healthy, but will they get hurt two games back or three games back? And probably the biggest concern we have is that the teams we’re playing against are really good. Chicago, Miami and Orlando are really good teams, and we’re going to have to get through them to win our conference. But we can’t control that right now. All we can control at this point is getting healthy and playing better basketball. I’ve always said that being healthy and fresh is more important than anything else for us right now.’ Which is why Ainge is concerned not just about the well being of Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal. ‘There’s so much talk about Shaq and Jermaine, but I’m equally as concerned about Delonte (West) getting healthy, and of course Rajon (Rondo) and Paul (Pierce) and Ray (Allen) and KG (Kevin Garnett) — and Baby (Glen Davis) has had some health issues. Every one of those guys is critical to us. I still believe Shaq and Jermaine will be there when we need them. I think Shaq is taking it day by day now. I don’t anticipate him playing in the next few games, but he’s looking to get back on the floor with the team. But we have a lot of people who need to get over different things, and I feel like every one of them is on track right now and that they will be fresh and healthy in the playoffs.'”