Danny Ainge Would Be ‘Shocked’ If Rajon Rondo Played On Opening Night

by September 24, 2013

Rajon Rondo underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL back in February, and there’s hope that he’ll return during the first half of the season. Don’t get too exited about the prospect of him playing all 82, though. From ESPN.com:  “‘I don’t think we would ever succumb to the pressure of bringing back a player from an ACL too soon,’ said [Celtics GM Danny Ainge]. ‘We’ve got to do what’s right for him. He’s young — maybe if he was 37 and it was his last year, but he’s still so young. And he’s our best player. We can’t afford to make any mistakes and judgment on when to bring him back.’ Pressed on if Rondo could be back for opening night, Ainge offered, ‘I would be shocked.'”