Dave Joerger On DeMarcus Cousins’ Beef With Local Writer: ‘Enough Is Enough’

by December 19, 2016
demarcus cousins

A beef between DeMarcus Cousins and a local writer from the Sacramento Bee escalated last Monday night when Cousins confronted the writer over a column that mentioned the arrest of Cousins’ younger brother, Jaleel.

The Bee published a video of spats between Cousins and the media along with the headline, “DeMarcus Cousins unleashes profanities at Bee reporter in latest attempt to control the media.”

Kings head coach Dave Joerger called for an end to the beef between the two parties saying that the video the Bee put out was “just ridiculous.”

From The Sac Bee:

“I do think what The Sacramento Bee did the other day was just ridiculous,” Joerger said.


“This guy is the face of our franchise,” Joerger said. “He’s done and said some things that he wishes he could do over. He’s improved; he’s gotten better. But to go and use other reporters, third person, oh he bullies his coaches or he bullies, that is (trash). And to put it out there like that, that is ridiculous.”

He also said that what Cousins did was “excessive” but “enough is enough.”

From ESPN:

“I’m not justifying anything that he’s done. What he did was excessive. But enough is enough.”

The Kings released a statement regarding the situation saying that they are looking into the incident:

“We are committed to being open and transparent, and any hint of media censorship is unacceptable. There is an ongoing review into this matter, and we will take the appropriate steps immediately upon its conclusion.”

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