David Blatt: ‘Kevin Love is Playing the Best Defense of His Career’

by December 01, 2014

Coming into this season, everyone knew that the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a great offensive team. It’s the defense that gave fans and media pause.

Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving have never been considered defensive stalwarts, but both All-Stars are working hard to change that perception.

Irving has accepted the challenge of slowing down opposing floor generals, and according to Cavs head coach David Blatt, Love has improved dramatically as a defender.


“In general, I would like to say, I think Kevin Love is playing the best defense of his career so far,” Blatt said. “He can get better like all of us can, but he’s doing a good job. He’s buying into the system, into the principles, and he needs to continue to do that and we need to continue to involve him in the way that we are.”


While Irving wasn’t shy about his desire to become a “great defender,” Love seems to know his limitations. […] “I’ve never really been known for that in my career,” Love said. “Being a lockdown defender is something that I know I’ll never be, but as far as being a team defender, being in the right spots, being physical, doing those things, I can get a lot better at that and just continue to break down film and see where I can get better out there. So yeah, I think it’s something that I can continue to buy into and get better at.”


“I think [defense] is an area that I need to focus on and get better at,” Love said. “I think everybody has an opportunity to refine their game and get better in certain places, and for me, yeah, it could be that end of the floor.”