David Falk Knows Who to Blame for the Mess in Washington

by November 27, 2008

Abe Pollin, the Wizards’ owner, and Dave’s personal nemesis: “It’s not Eddie’s fault and it’s not Ernie’s fault. The owner decided, when he decided to pay a guy that kind of money when he knows he’s going to be out the first three or four months of the season. Why blame it on the general manager or the coach?” Falk said. “This is what’s wrong with Wizards basketball. The buck stops at the top, it doesn’t stop at the bottom. This is the owner’s responsibility. He made the decision to sign Arenas. When you make the decision, you know the team is going to get off to a rocky start. You’re missing your leading scorer, and in theory, based on the way they’ve paid him, he’s their franchise player, right? What team expects to win when their franchise goes down?”