David Falk Wants to Mediate the NBA Lockout Battle

by July 14, 2011

With no end in sight for the NBA lockout, David Falk — once the most powerful agent in the League, by far — wants to bring peace among players and owners. From SRI (via 106.7 The Fan): “Does he not think that existing guaranteed contracts should be grandfathered in? ‘Well I think there will be guaranteed contracts. What they’re arguing about mostly is the percentage of the pie. The players are making 57 percent of the pie, the owners want to make it less. And I think there are many ways to solve it. In many ways, having done this for 37 years, and having owned a business that’s bigger than most of the teams, and having been an agent for so many years, I’d love to mediate the dispute because I think there are solutions that are acceptable to both sides. But at the end of the day, this is different than the football situation because the owners are printing money and the owners want a deal in football because they know if they start missing preseason games, for every game they miss, they’re going to be losing money. There are about 14 to 20 teams in the NBA, if they miss games they’re going to make money because the losses are going to stop.'”