Former Cavs GM David Griffin Calls Gregg Popovich a ‘Unicorn Off the Court’

While Coach-GMs have backfired for most franchises, the San Antonio Spurs and Gregg Popovich have been the exception to the rule.

While guesting on ESPN’s The Jump, former Cavs GM David Griffin said that the Spurs make it work because Popovich a “unicorn off the court” (starting at 10:52):

“I think Pop is a really unique thing. If [Kristaps] Porzingis is the unicorn on the court, then Pop is the unicorn off the court.”


“This is a guy who’s No. 1 piece is leadership, and what he’s done is raise a family there and it is really what we were trying to emulate to a huge degree as well.”

Griffin added that Popovich needed a superstar like Tim Duncan in order to make things work.

“What San Antonio has done… because their best player was Tim Duncan and allowed for them to do the things that needed to happen, Pop was able to be Pop.


“In a world without Tim Duncan, in a world with a best player doesn’t allow for that, I don’t think you ever get that.”

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