David Stern Has No Issue With the Cavs’ Dancing

by April 14, 2009

Tough luck, Beantowners: “During a pre-playoff conference call with reporters on Monday afternoon, Stern was asked about the Cavs’ celebratory performance during Sunday’s blowout victory over visiting Boston. According to a transcript of the call, Stern was asked, ‘Is there some way of dealing with LeBron James, who danced on the sidelines yesterday? It was an embarrassment towards the Boston Celtics, and approaching the playoffs where emotion tends to run high?’ ‘I missed that dance, but I think celebrations by our players do have a place,’ Stern said. ‘If I were the Celtics, I would make sure that that tape, if it exists, runs every game in the locker room as a sort of motivation. I wouldn’t spend my time telling our players about that. Although I don’t know the specific instance, and sometimes you can go over the line. I don’t know if he did or didn’t at this time.’ In a follow-up the reporter stated that ‘it looked like a way to provoke the other team.’ ‘I certainly wouldn’t want to provoke the Celtics,’ Stern said. ‘I think perhaps it was just over-exuberance at the time.'”