DeAndre Jordan Apologizes To Mark Cuban And Mavs Fans

by July 11, 2015

DeAndre Jordan officially ended his dramatic free agency by signing with the L.A. Clippers at midnight on Thursday. Mavs fans and players were shocked by his decision to renege on his verbal commitment, but also his refusal to meet with the Mavs after he resumed talks with the Clippers.

Although owner Mark Cuban says the team has moved on, Mavs faithful won’t forget the betrayal for a long time.

Jordan took to twitter to apologize for any hurt feelings that he caused.

Cuban says he’ll have nothing of the apology, since Jordan probably didn’t even write it.

DJ has certainly learned that NBA free agency can damage a player’s reputation for a long time. An apology tweet won’t make people forget, but by owning up to his actions, it’s a step in the right direction.