DeAndre Jordan Dismisses ‘Tension’ With Chris Paul

A day after the Clippers’ stunning second-round loss to the Rockets, rumors surfaced of an ongoing beef between DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul.

That’s just not so, according to Jordan.

On Clippers’ media day on Friday, both Jordan and CP3 stressed that there are no hard feelings, and hope the story will fade away.

More from the L.A. Times:

When a Clippers contingent went to DeAndre Jordan’s home in Houston in July to help convince the center to re-sign with the Clippers, rumors abounded that Jordan and Chris Paul had a powwow to clear up their strained relationship.


Only thing is, according to the players, there was no strain.


“I think that there was forced tension because of everything we all heard that we said about each other, which was not true at all,” Jordan said at Clippers’ media day on Friday. “It was just the outside, and we never asked each other about it.


“These guys are my brothers. I talk to them every day. Yeah, there’s times that we bump heads on the court, but five minutes later, we’re good because it’s constructive, it’s for the right reasons: We want to win. … There’s not any tension; we don’t not like each other. And all three of us [Jordan, Paul and Blake Griffin] are going to be here for a very long time. This is our team; this is our unit. There was no clearing of the air. We just had a sit-down to tell them I was going to be in a Clipper uniform this year.”