DeAndre Jordan Snapchatted Doc Rivers’ Son About Returning to the Clippers

by September 11, 2015

In a story that could only have happened in 2015, DeAndre Jordan sent word to his head coach of his now-infamous free agency change-of-heart through one of Doc Rivers’ sons.

And it wasn’t even teammate Austin Rivers—according to Doc, Jordan reached out through Spencer Rivers’ Snapchat account for the old man to give him a call.

The LA Clippers’ coach and team president says he’s happy that the whole embarrassing episode basically ruined Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban’s summer.

Per SI:

“DeAndre thought about leaving, but right away, he knew he wanted to come back,” said Rivers. “He even Snapchatted my youngest son Spencer. He had told two or three people he’d made a mistake [after signing the offer sheet with Dallas], but the Snapchat said, ‘Tell your dad to call me.’”


Despite verbally committing to the Dallas Mavericks on July 3, the deal could not be made official for another week. In the interim, Jordan dealt with second thoughts about leaving Los Angeles. […] “Once he wanted to come back, we had to figure it out,” said Rivers. “That was the day with the emojis [on July 9]. We were just sitting in his house, his mom was making food, and we were watching the Summer League games. I didn’t know about any of that emoji stuff, or that Blake [Griffin] had one with a chair blocking the door, but at the end of the day, DJ changed his mind.”


“I kept hearing all summer, ‘Mark Cuban doesn’t like you,’” said Rivers. “I could care less about that. My only care is about DJ, and he’s a good kid. After all the complaints afterward, it was the same thing with me. DJ didn’t call me when he [verbally committed with Dallas], his agent called me. That’s the way the business works. He would have called me eventually. It was the same way when Ray [Allen] left the Celtics. Ray’s agent called me. […] Cuban said he deserved a call, but he didn’t deserve a call or an apology. He doesn’t deserve either one. It’s funny how much I hear, ‘Boy, Mark Cuban is mad at you.’ Listen, my job isn’t to make Mark Cuban happy. My job is to make him miserable. This is why it’s a competition. So the fact DJ stayed with us, and I always say, ‘Stayed’ and not ‘came back’ because he never left, was great. The kid had a right to get this right. It’s the biggest decision of his life, and he was able to change it before it was a career mistake.”