DeMar DeRozan: ‘I Didn’t Get to Enjoy the Summer’

by November 15, 2016

After undergoing a brutal offseason, during which most days began well before the crack of dawn, the fruits of DeMar DeRozan’s labor are paying off handsomely.

The All-Star guard currently leads the NBA in scoring at 34 points a night.

DeRozan, 27, also carefully observed his USA Basketball teammates this summer in order to “steal” some of their tricks of the trade.

Per the Toronto Sun:

“I didn’t get to enjoy the summer,” DeRozan said about two hours before being named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the second time in his career.


“Outside of being on the Olympic team and winning a gold medal, that was awesome, but socially, fun-wise and all that it was really one of them summers where it was just a sickening dedication to where I had a lot of days where it was just shit. It was really tough to be that self-motivated. It was all on me. It was no one saying you have to do it. I wanted to do it.”


DeRozan’s day began at 5:30 a.m. as he and both his basketball trainer and his weight trainer (Chris Farr and Jason Estrada) two guys he paid to have come over with him to Rio, hit the weight room or the pool or both in order to add muscle to his frame. […] That, in essence, was the focus of his off-season training program. Stay lean but add muscle.

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