DeMarcus Cousins is Now a Three-Point Shooter

by October 11, 2012

It’s no surprise that DeMarcus Cousins is transitioning into a leadership position in Sacramento, given that he’s one of the NBA’s best young players. What’s unexpected, is that Cousins plans to start firing away from three-point land, and that his coach is fine with it. Reports the Sac Bee: “Coach wants me to shoot the three ball, so I’m still trying to find my spots and where to do it,’ Cousins said of Keith Smart. ‘That’s what this time is for, trying to find it.’ Cousins isn’t looking to become a three-point specialist. He said when his trainer, Keith Williams, encouraged him to work on the three-point shot in years past, he resisted the idea. In his first two seasons Cousins has taken 32 three-point attempts, making five. ‘I’m still not even comfortable being out there, but coach wants me to do it, so I’m going to try to get it down,’ Cousins said. Smart laughed when asked if he wanted to see Cousins shooting three-pointers. ‘I didn’t want to see it, but he was going to shoot it anyways,’ Smart said. ‘You don’t find too many guys who love to rebound but can also shoot from distance. He’s a unique guy.’ Smart said he told Cousins if he wanted to shoot from long distance he needed to work on those shots. If Cousins could become respectable from beyond the arc, it would create opportunities for him off the dribble and to drive past slower defenders. And it’s good Cousins doesn’t want to become a three-point specialist because that’s not what Smart wants, either.”