DeMarcus Cousins Scores 91 Points in Charity Basketball Game (VIDEO)

by August 09, 2015

UPDATE: We now have video from the game. Looks legit. Watch above. Wow.

Kings All-Star DeMarcus Cousins and fellow Alabama native Eric Bledsoe of the Suns put on a show last night at a charity basketball game in Birmingham. There’s no video (yet) and no box score (probably ever) but if you believe DMC and Bled, they scored a combined 176 points in the exhibition—Cousins had 91, while Bledsoe had 85.

The NBAers were in town for the Eric Bledsoe Back to School Rally at Railroad Park, where Bled gave out school supplies to 300 local kids, according to

The only “proof” we have for now of the fireworks at the charity game last night (a rematch of the 2009 Alabama Class 5A state championship semifinal game between Cousins’ and Bledsoe’s teams) is in the form of tweets from last night. Check it: