Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter to Hash Out Differences in Meeting

by November 03, 2011

The players’ union can’t negotiate with the NBA until its own house is in order. So, to that end, Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher will meet with other union leaders to squash whatever beef may exist. Per the NY Times: “Another tense meeting to address the N.B.A. lockout will take place Thursday in Manhattan — only this time without owners or league officials and without a prospect for a deal. If a consensus emerges, it will be solely between the leaders of the players association. The union’s executive board is holding its first in-person meeting since labor talks collapsed last Friday, and its first since reports of a rift in leadership began circulating. If there are political or philosophical gaps between Derek Fisher, the union’s elected president, and Billy Hunter, its longtime executive director, they will try to close them, in full view of the union’s staff members and the eight other players on the board. The damage-control efforts have supplanted any attempt to break the 125-day stalemate with the league, which has already canceled a month of games. That is why players, agents and even N.B.A. officials are eager to see what message emerges from the union Thursday. ‘I think there will be a lot of clarity coming out of the meeting on Thursday,’ said one person aligned with the players, who has communicated with both league and union officials this week. The first agenda item, the person said, is ‘to hash out the Derek Fisher situation.’ Two people with ties to the union said the issue was mostly resolved in a Tuesday conference call involving Fisher, Hunter and the board. But one person said it was important for everyone to speak face to face before the matter is put behind them.”