Derek Fisher on Game-Winner: ‘It’s What I Do’

by January 17, 2012

Everyone was understandably shocked last night when Derek Fisher iced the game — everyone but Derek Fisher. This is old hat for him. Per the OC Register: “Derek Fisher came into Monday’s game against Dallas with some of his worst shooting in recent memory. He was averaging a career-low 33.8 percent from the field and surprising 20 percent from beyond the 3-point line. But when he got the ball late in the game, the veteran Lakers guard produced a game-winning 3-pointer reminiscent of those big shots he has made many times in his career and turned back the clock just a little. ‘It’s what I do,’ Fisher said, an huge ice bag on his left knee. ‘When opportunities like that present themselves, you know, I’m confident in my abilities to just step up and make the right play, whether it’s making the shot or making the read that creates something for someone else. My experience in having played for this team for so many years, I’ve been in so many big games, I feel I have a responsibility to the team, to not be afraid to step up and make big plays.'”