Deron Williams Confirms He’ll Become a Free Agent

Deron Williams made it clear that just because Dwight Howard opted-in with Orlando, doesn’t mean he’ll do the same with the Nets. Per the NY Daily News: “Deron Williams is a family man with four kids and a desire for stability in his life, not another year of uncertainty with his contract. So Williams will not follow Dwight Howard’s lead into 2013 free agency by waiving his ETO. Instead, as expected, he will become a free agent this summer and explore his options. ;I’m not going to opt-in. It’s not monkey-see, monkey-do,’ Williams said. ‘Wherever I go is hopefully where I’m going to retire.’ Williams can sign a five-year deal with the Nets or a four-year deal elsewhere, earning about $30 million more over the life of the contract by playing in Brooklyn. Of course, his hometown Dallas Mavericks will be in position to make a run at Williams during free agency. […] ‘I’m not (going through the same things) because I’ve said all year I’m going to play this whole year out and see what happens,’ Williams said. ‘So I haven’t been flip-flopping and gone back-and-forth. It’s not even close to being the same situation.'”