Deron Williams Considered Quitting Basketball in Brooklyn

by December 22, 2015

Things were and are that bad in Brooklyn, it turns out.

Former Nets guard Deron Williams says he thought about retiring while hooping in BK; he eventually found happiness (and his game) again in Dallas.

The 31-year-old three-time All-Star is at peace with the fact that he couldn’t handle the pressure-cooker that is New York City.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

Deron Williams has moved on from his ugly divorce with the Brooklyn Nets, moved into a healthier and happier honeymoon with his hometown Dallas Mavericks. He is enjoying the game again, something he nearly forgot was possible during a failed run with the Nets in which he was unable to carry an organization on a pair of brittle ankles and shattered confidence. […] “It took a lot out of me, man, those three years. Some of the hardest in my life,” Williams said of his time in Brooklyn. “Made me question if I even wanted to play basketball when I was done with that contract.”


As he prepares for his first game back at Barclays Center on Wednesday, Williams isn’t upset by the prevailing sentiment that he was unable to handle playing in New York. […] “It’s cool. There’s a lot of people, I guess, who aren’t built for New York,” Williams said. “New York is not for everybody.”


With his newly shaved head and clearer mind, Williams isn’t concerned with looking back or trying to reclaim any past glory. “It’s easy now. I’m past that point in my life where I care about All-Star games. Honestly, I’d rather have the rest during All-Star break anyway,” Williams said. “It’s about winning. It’s about having fun. It’s been a while since I had fun playing basketball. I’m just relishing this opportunity to have fun. I’m just glad I’m here and feeling better about everything.”

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