Deron Williams Remains Undecided on Free Agency Choice

by May 22, 2012

As of the top free agents in the NBA this summer, Deron Williams has seen his name batted around in rumors for pretty much the entire year. He tried his best to calm things down today, by saying that he has yet to make a decision. From the Bergen Record: “Deron Williams is tired of all the speculation surrounding his uncertain future. So Tuesday, unprompted, he walked up to reporters and started talking. The message was simple. Williams says he hasn’t made up his mind on what he’ll do after he opts out of his contract on July 1. ‘I want to reiterate, I don’t know what I’m doing next year,’ Williams said. ‘Still. Nobody does but me. Not even my mom, my brother, my uncle, my cousin. I haven’t talked to anybody about where I’m going next year.’ Since the season ended on April 26, Williams’ every move has been the subject of mass speculation. Everything from his choice to work out at the Nets’ facility, to a Russian vacation last week. Williams set the record straight on it all, speaking to reporters at the Nets free agent minicamp. Williams reiterated several times that he hasn’t made a decision. It’s commonly believed that Williams will be picking between the Nets and his hometown Dallas Mavericks, but Williams said it’s not true, and that he’s bothered by people saying they know what he’s doing. ‘I can’t know where I’m going to go because I haven’t talked to any teams, because I’m not allowed to talk to any teams,’ Williams said. ‘So I haven’t had any contact with anybody, so there’s no decision to be made right now. So there’s no way for them to know, or assume that I’m going to Dallas or that I’m staying here. I don’t know. There could be another team that comes into the picture.’ He said he’d speak to his agent, Jeff Schwartz, today about his options. Williams said that when the clock strikes 12:01 a.m. on July 1st, he hopes to make a swift decision. Williams won’t be able to sign with a team until July 11, but can announce his intentions before then. ‘I’m, sure when it comes down to the time, it’ll only be between a couple teams,’ Williams said.”